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B Lean - The Lean Startup Methodology - Part 1

What is Lean Startup? "Lean Startup" is a methodology for developing products and businesses in the most efficient way possible to reduce risk of failure. This method basically teaches us to be lean so a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be launched to grab feedback from prospective customer and learn what they really need.
The Lingo Minimum Viable Product (MVP) A version of a new product or new feature which allows a team to gain maximum understanding about the targeted customer is the MVP. The MVP should be the basis of connect between the entrepreneur and customer and help trigger the begin of the learning process. Continuous Deployment All code written should be in a deploy-able state to production. This results in the reduction of the cycle times. Techniques such as TDD and Continuous Integration are to be followed in order to achieve this. Split Testing A split or A/B test is an experiment, where in users are provided with two different versions of the same product in-…

How to use Google Web Fonts (GWF) in Blogger?

What is GWF? Out of the many feathers of the Google hat, Google Web Fonts (GWF) is one of the best. Especially for people who always love and welcome change. Web fonts is really a flexible way to show content on the web because, it gives us relief from the pain of using the regular fonts like Arial, Verdana, etc.
5 Step process to add these fonts to your Blogger One of the most frustrating aspects of Blogger is the limitation in fonts. I would actually prefer Google to integrate the web fonts here, so users can actually choose from the various fonts it has available.

Step 1: Choosing the Font Browse to Google Web Fonts and choose the font you would like to use. Once you have liked a font

click on the icon for Quick Use located at the bottom right (as in Fig.1).

Step 2: Finding the right source link to the Font
In the font page, scroll down to section 3, you should see something like in Fig. 2 below
Copy the link tag from here

Step 3: Link the font in Blogger
Now go to Blogger Dashboard

What, Why & How - SEO - Part 1

This blog is the first in the series of blogs I wish to write from a developer, marketeer and entrepreneur perspective to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
The What? Developer's view SEO is the technique of optimizing your website so its friendly enough for search engines to read the content of your site and know the nature of your site. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc read the content of your site and try to know what you are trying to do in it by trying to look for keywords and build a page rank for your site to make it visible in their search results.
Marketeer's view Showing up in the first page of results when relevant keywords are used in search is called SEO. Adding back-links to the site w hen adding views in highly ranked sites, etc. will actually improve the page rank. Also things like having proper defined content, title and descriptions i.e., adding well defined structure to content is what could improve the relevancy of the site.
Entrepreneur's vie…

Fullscreen view when streaming from or to APPLE TV

The full potential of the APPLE TV can be extracted only when you have an associated device like ipad or iphone or ipod or macbook from which you can control it or stream data to it.

I will not go into the details on how it can be setup as there are already a lot of videos on which will clearly explain you on how this can be done.

One of the most common issues you are going to face when trying to mirror your iOS device to your TV via your Apple TV box is - you will not be able to screen your device to the fullscreen of the TV. This usually occurs because the aspect ration of your iOS device is 4:3 due to which the video will not occupy the full scope of your TV.

Fix for this problem is

Go to Settings -> Audio & Video
Adjust for Overlay Scan = Off
Play a video from the YouTube app of your Apple TV. You will get the full scope on your HDTV
Start Mirroring your device and ENJOY!!!

Simply Technocious!!!

I worked in the information technology landscape for more than 8 years, with the primary focus all through my career on attaining customer satisfaction through delivery with quality

I always insisted on writing readable, manageable and maintainable code. This is become such a strong habit that everyone that I mentored also had to make this happen.

I am passionate about Web Design and Development which has driven me towards learning and implementing solutions in LAMP stack. When I learnt HTML & CSS I immediately fell in love with it. 

Writing a blog about things I know, to share with people was one of the long pending items in my TO-DO list. So I want to start this now to really take this forward.