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How to use Google Web Fonts (GWF) in Blogger?

What is GWF? Out of the many feathers of the Google hat, Google Web Fonts (GWF) is one of the best. Especially for people who always love and welcome change. Web fonts is really a flexible way to show content on the web because, it gives us relief from the pain of using the regular fonts like Arial, Verdana, etc.
5 Step process to add these fonts to your Blogger One of the most frustrating aspects of Blogger is the limitation in fonts. I would actually prefer Google to integrate the web fonts here, so users can actually choose from the various fonts it has available.

Step 1: Choosing the Font Browse to Google Web Fonts and choose the font you would like to use. Once you have liked a font

click on the icon for Quick Use located at the bottom right (as in Fig.1).

Step 2: Finding the right source link to the Font
In the font page, scroll down to section 3, you should see something like in Fig. 2 below
Copy the link tag from here

Step 3: Link the font in Blogger
Now go to Blogger Dashboard