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Apple TV - Could it be the next big thing?

What is Apple TV? Apple TV is a pretty neat device, which has a lot of potential to it.

I first bought an Apple TV 3rd generation couple of years ago, when it was too cumbersome to always connect my laptop to my TV to view something in a large screen. I was really fascinated by how you can just sit in a corner of the room and control the programs in your TV using your iPhone or iPad. The remote that comes with the Apple TV is good but not really great.
It's not just a device you can use for streaming content, you could also mirror your iDevice be it a Mac OS or iOS device and play games or make your TV your extended desktop all wireless by a simple selection.
This is 's one of the greatest hobby project for its consumers to keep them tightly integrated into the  ecosystem. It has evolved over the years from being just another device to a content heavy platform that delivers high-quality services.

How it could evolve? I surely am waiting for  to come up with the iTV or what…