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Transforming Ideas to Business - Part 1

How much LEAN?The whole experience I had and am having with my work in startups and discussing with various founders of startups is going to presented in three parts. The goal is to share my experiences with Lean Startup, which could help you turn your idea into a successful business model. Step 1: Sharing If you have an idea and you are really confident that you can turn it into a viable business model, the next things
Share the idea with as many people as possibleCheck their pulse - how they feel about your ideaCollect their feedback - take it up constructivelyAre they ready to join you to take it forward The more people who are willing to join you in making this a success, the more chances for you to succeed. Step 2: Survey If you are still confident and you want to build on your idea, after taking the initial feedback into consideration, then do the following
Identify the target groupthe group of users who will be using you applications. ex: general public age groups, businesses ba…

Samosa App - the future of stickers in chats

the Evolution of the chat Once upon a time smileys were a great innovation for chat or instant messaging, then came the animated smileys and so on....
Next came the stickers, this really picked up great but I wouldn't really say they were a big hit, because very few of my friends actually used it. Or may be it still takes time for them to be completely evolved.

There is a budding new app from an Indian start-up which has made way to most of our conversations within friends. This is Samosa App. The biggest advantage we have is the language in which it is offered, its my native language.
The Offering... Samosa App offers what it calls as audio stickers which are actually punch lines, proverbs and comedy snippets from various Telugu movies. It is integrated into messaging apps like WhatsApp which is its strength. They have loads of content already added into it for selection by users which is driving chats crazy. The content is so great that it really creates good laughs within grou…